Your Heart and Soul is Calling


Do you feel shackled by the weight of your overwhelming emotions, high sensitivity, frustrating circumstances, poor boundaries, need to please others, lack of energy, anxiety, stress, unhealthy habits, or unfulfilling career?

Do you yearn to step into the authentic truth in your heart—those whispers that keep you up at night—and learn tools to cope with the weight of your world?

Are you ready to call in your ally—someone who will truly listen, who’s overcome these struggles and wants to help you reclaim your freedom and fulfill your heartfelt mission to serve?

There’s a redemption story waiting for you—one that honors your authentic truth as an empath and awakens your passion, power and purpose.



Meet Karilyn

I am a Spiritual Coach who empowers women to be their true, authentic selves. I am also a passionate author, artist and speaker.

I walk this path of service, self-empowerment and self-expression because I get what it is like to be where you're standing. It wasn't all that long ago that I felt frustrated, scared and stuck.

My soul whispered until it eventually roared, "Be true to you, or else." I answered the call deep in my heart—the call to live in accordance with my authentic, empowered true self.


Am I an Empath?

Love is the magic potion that gives us our wings.
— Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes