Do you feel shackled by the weight of your emotions, sensitivity, limiting circumstances, need to please others, lack of energy or unhealthy habits? Are you overwhelmed and dissatisfied with the way things have been lately?

Are you ready to call in your ally—someone who can truly listen, who’s been through the same struggles and wants to be in your corner?

There’s a redemption story waiting for you—one that honors your authentic truth and taps into your assertive spirit. I know you are afraid of moving forward, but remaining stuck feels so much worse. I’m here to guide you safely through your heroic tale and awaken your Highest Self.


hi there,

I'm Karilyn, a multi-passionate creative using visual design, writing and poetry to express messages of alchemy. As a Spiritual Coach, I use my intuition to guide those on the spiritual path to seek open-hearted wisdom and alignment with their true self. 

I walk this path of service, self-empowerment and self-expression because I get what it is like to be where you're standing. I, too, deal with feelings that keep me frustrated, scared and stuck.

After living far too long in debilitating fear, my soul whispered until it eventually roared, "Be true to your Self, or else." I answered the call deep in my heart—the call to live in accordance with my authentic, empowered Self.

inspired he{art} 

Love is the magic potion that gives us our wings.
— Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes