Suicide Is Not the Solution

As someone who battled suicidal thoughts, the only thing that compelled me to stay on the Earth at times was the thought of hurting my family by leaving. In those days, that thought (and the love behind it) saved my life. Since then, my faith, awareness and mindfulness grew exponentially; I could catch the suicidal thoughts as thoughts before I chased them down the rabbit hole and began looking at actions to end my life.

I wasn’t always gifted with the faith and awareness I have now; despite the profound love for my family, I may have taken my own life. Now that I am on the other side of those circumstances, I am sharing a spiritual and practical perspective on suicide in hopes of preventing precious lives from being lost.

If you know anyone who is suffering in the slightest and may need to hear that their life matters, that they matter and that suicide isn’t the solution to their problems, please send them this video. It could be the difference between a life saved and a life lost.

If you are suffering, I encourage you to reach out to someone right now. Call the 24-hour Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Befriending Feelings

When uncomfortable feelings come to visit like loneliness, sadness, grief or frustration, they are asking to be let in, known and felt. They want and need our attention, so we can experience the benefit of our feelings. They are arising, trying to be known, so they can show up, be felt and get the heck out of dodge (aka our bodies).

When we give feelings the luxury of being felt, they can go on their way; it’s up to us to let them—by first feeling them and thus releasing them. Often when we feel something roll in and let it in to be felt, we may let it linger far longer than need be. This is one of the reasons we avoid feelings; we think our feelings will come and stay, leaving us incapacitated by them. 

Teaming Up With God

Faith, trust and expectation of God’s power, goodness and blessings surely sets the stage for miracles. By going it completely alone, we lose out on Divine access to endless support around us. It’s as if we are on the court playing against a team of opponents (let’s call them “life”) and we are trying to score. We could call in God, a team of Angels and Heavenly guides to assist us, but we may feel it’s entirely on our shoulders to get the ball in the basket.

Faith and trust are also our teammates. They clear away the bad energies that otherwise block our way to the other end of the court and invite in our Spiritual Support team. Faith sets us up to believe there is a God and an army of Angels alongside us. When we not only know this to be true, but wholeheartedly trust in them, we can circumvent much of the fear that otherwise stops us in our tracks. 

{Truth-telling} Self Love, Self Care and Recovery

{Truth-telling} Self Love, Self Care and Recovery

I’m still mastering the art of self care. I always will be. It’s a lifelong lesson to love myself and put this practice in the forefront of my life.

Today I was lying down to take a break (self care win) while giving myself Reiki. I had three options for the evening: door 1: yoga, door 2: reiki share and door 3: step study at church. 

Lying there, I asked myself which option I’d like to choose. My body said more rest but my mind said yoga. Even though yoga is something I never regret doing, oftentimes my body needs to rest (even more than I already had).

Even so, I rushed out of the house to get to yoga in time. Three minutes into my drive, I remembered this yoga class is on Monday and Wednesday. It was Tuesday. Not only did my body need to rest, but my mind needed a break too.

The Beauty Behind Death

As I drove home from work on a particularly blustery day, windows down and music blaring, I felt the cool yet strong wind rush into the car. I could have sworn something flew through the window, but I couldn’t see any evidence of it. When I pulled into the driveway, underneath the music, I heard a faint buzzing noise. Sure enough, in the cup holder was evidence that I'd indeed noticed a visitor.

A tiny bee buzzed about, rolling on her back and then onto her feet. I immediately took a photo to send to my friend whom I have a bee connection with; often a bee flies into my surrounding as a reminder to reach out to her. By the time I sent the image via text, I took notice of the bee's apparent struggle. I attempted to assist her departure by removing the extraneous objects that laid strewn in my cup holder: a few pennies, a bobby pin and an old hamsa keychain. Still, the bee couldn’t make her way out of the cupholder and onto her flight path to safety outside my soon-to-be smoldering hot car. 

How to Find a Lasting Source of Satisfaction

I am a self-proclaimed pleasure seeker. Food became my main source of pleasure to escape a world that felt uncomfortable, difficult and scary—a world I didn’t know how to cope with.

I ate to numb the anxiety and the depression when I either felt too much or didn’t feel at all (and wanted to feel something). I ate to avoid the very big calling that loomed ahead. I ate to run from my intense inner world. I ate to bring a sense of pleasure that masked the harsh reality around me. 

I have always required significant meaning in my life; I am wired to seek below surface level. I searched for a very long time to bring a quality to my life that surpassed the everyday monotony of life and revealed the magic that exists beyond the worldly facade. I yearned with an insatiable appetite for a deep sense of spirituality, to feel loved and to know I am loved. And that appetite was filled with food, that is, until I found God. 

Secrets of Manifestation

Now is a perfect time for setting intentions and charting new beginnings. I'd like to share a philosophy of manifestation that deeply resonated in my heart when I first encountered it exactly two years ago. I am here to pass along this wisdom nugget along with my own experience of manifesting my wildest dreams.

Intentions usually involve something we'd like to become or see happen or aspire to; the Law of Attraction shakes up the idea of intention setting altogether. By choosing to embody what we want to become (or what we desire to achieve) as if we already are what we aspire to become (or wish to manifest), we enact the Law of Attraction.

{Video} The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a tricky thing yet it holds incredible power to transform our lives. Left untouched, the negative feelings we harbor will pervade our very existence with the low vibration caused by bitterness.

Waiting for the perpetrator to apologize or even acknowledge their responsibility is handing them the key to our wellbeing (as if it's their right to affect us adversely). When we decide to take back our key, we use the power of forgiveness to set ourselves free.