Take It Easy (Everything is Working Out)

All week I’ve been getting messages from multiple sources to rest easy, to rest assured, knowing everything is always working out for the highest good (for myself and others). This is a mantra I have adopted and use frequently, but worry and control can often overpower the sentiment behind the message—which is to trust that everything is working out (even if appearances seem grim) despite my best efforts to control things. 

We (myself included) tend to work so hard at ensuring things go the way we want (and hope for) never realizing that things are working out for the highest and best good—which is more often than not better than we even imagine (through possibilities that aren’t even in our awareness, yet).

That’s the beautiful thing about God: God’s infinite mind knows every possibility, opportunity and blessing that is perfectly suited to our situation, hopes and dreams. He created our mind and knows our heart—they stem from His. We are entirely connected to this Mind and to this Love.

Think of God as a Divine command center which we have complete access to. God is always sending us signals that point us either gently or quite directly to the direction that results in the best outcome. We can choose to sync up to this guidance and allow God’s infinite wisdom to infiltrate our mind or we can disconnect and go our own way with our limited consciousness and control tactics.

The thing is that we are always able to sync up, but to do so we have to get still and create space for God to download this guidance into our awareness. We have to set aside our busyness, quite our minds of our own thoughts, plans and worries and let God speak to us through the language of silence (the language that is only understood and heard by our hearts). 

This guidance will spring up through our intuition; we will have an impulse to do something, call someone or go somewhere (yet we won’t know why). This is our intuition guiding us to align with the directives of God that exist in our higher consciousness. If we follow through, there will be incredible rewards to come. 

In the time between now and this divine inspiration, keep this message from my Heart to yours (coming from the command center):

Rest assured. Take it easy. Relax. Use this time to reflect, rest and be still.

Everything is working out just fine. Put your worries in the palm of my hand. Take a breath. And know all is well.

Despite our best attempts to control outcomes, fix our problems and find solutions, we ultimately cannot know the details that the command center already has access to. And we, too, have access to when we set aside time to listen to the silence of our hearts and let our intuition guide us.