Teaming Up With God

Faith, trust and expectation of God’s power, goodness and blessings surely sets the stage for miracles. By going it completely alone, we lose out on Divine access to endless support around us. It’s as if we are on the court playing against a team of opponents (let’s call them “life”) and we are trying to score. We could call in God, a team of Angels and Heavenly guides to assist us, but we may feel it’s entirely on our shoulders to get the ball in the basket.

Faith and trust are also our teammates. They clear away the bad energies that otherwise block our way to the other end of the court and invite in our Spiritual Support team. Faith sets us up to believe there is a God and an army of Angels alongside us. When we not only know this to be true, but wholeheartedly trust in them, we can circumvent much of the fear that otherwise stops us in our tracks. 

Let's get something straight first: Faith and trust is not an invitation to sit back and let God do all the work. We have to be the one to jump onto the court and take on life as the co-creator and sole architect of our experience. Faith and trust is simply an opportunity to allow God to set the stage for miraculous opportunity and possibility so we can walk through life’s challenges with more ease and grace.

Faith and trust keep us filled with positive thoughts and expectations—realizing God has the power to move mountains and set the stage for miracles; these tools only go as far as the extent we open up to these miracles and believe in unlimited opportunities. God needs us to remain open both in mind and heart so we can see the array of possibilities and then receive them into our lives. Attaching to one outcome alone cuts us off from the thousands of other outcomes that are available to us (those that God can see yet we aren’t privy to). 

don't do life solo

When we do life alone, we run on tapes of fear and distrust. We can’t see that there’s unlimited potential for our lives and for personal growth. We see one outcome and one outcome alone and live in ignorance to every other possible opportunity, solution and person out there. It simply doesn’t make sense to stay shut off from the spiritual side of life. The good news is: All it takes is a tiny amount of willingness to believe in the unseen. This minute amount of faith can do wonders. God has always been present in our lives—sitting back as a witness, loving us and watching us travel by our lonesome.

God gave us free will to do life as we choose; He deeply desires to do life with us. That’s what faith is: An openness to let God in so He can do more than watch. He can show us His unlimited power and extravagant love for us by assisting us. That faith—believing God can do exceedingly more than we can alone—and trust in God, is a window into miracles.

Life is meant to operate on a miracle basis. Miracles happen all around us every day. God longs to direct us on a path to greater faith and trust in the miraculous nature of life, so we can flow with grace through life’s ups and downs. Life is always happening for us—for a chance to learn, grow, prosper and know greater love, peace and joy. When we surrender to this flow, the flow God intends for us, we invite a supernatural element into our lives that directs us into a more intimate, peaceful existence and experience of life itself where everything is happening for us and through us.

dance through life with God

When our life revolves around a force for good and source of Love (God), the fear that once ruled our every belief, thought and subsequent action is softened and eventually guided by the ultimate, powerful source of Love. When Love is our guide rather than fear, we enter into a dance of life and truly see that life is always happening for us and everything is actually working out for our highest good (especially the hardships).

In this Divine dance, we come into a union with God and all of life. We join forces with others and work as one to make the world a better place. We soften with compassion for our enemies and befriend those we hate. The magnitude of shifts once Love enters the picture is unlimited and magnificent in its potential. All we need to do is grab hold of faith and trust and team up with God; the rest will flow.