Teaming Up With God

Faith, trust and expectation of God’s power, goodness and blessings surely sets the stage for miracles. By going it completely alone, we lose out on Divine access to endless support around us. It’s as if we are on the court playing against a team of opponents (let’s call them “life”) and we are trying to score. We could call in God, a team of Angels and Heavenly guides to assist us, but we may feel it’s entirely on our shoulders to get the ball in the basket.

Faith and trust are also our teammates. They clear away the bad energies that otherwise block our way to the other end of the court and invite in our Spiritual Support team. Faith sets us up to believe there is a God and an army of Angels alongside us. When we not only know this to be true, but wholeheartedly trust in them, we can circumvent much of the fear that otherwise stops us in our tracks. 

The Three D's of Desired Results

The Three D's of Desired Results

While pondering the character it takes to see the results I desire, God placed three D's on my heart. These traits have the power to transform situations; indeed they have provided magical results in my life. As you embark on a new goal, a lofty dream or even a new habit, apply the power of devotion, discipline and determination. This ensures that any action you take will be aligned with your most powerful intentions.

Change Starts With You

Change Starts With You

Don't like what you see in the world? Be the voice of a generation that is bringing Love back. Speak out against hate. Reject violence as the answer to divisiveness. Actual change starts within you. Never underestimate the power of one person to create a ripple of love in this world. I know how it feels to think you are helpless to effect change, but you are not helpless. You are a powerful being of Love created by God, who is pure Love. Love has the power to cancel out fear and hate.

How To Create Your Desired Reality

How To Create Your Desired Reality

We are the creators of our reality: our thoughts, beliefs, actions and feelings define our experience, and it is up to us to align everything we think, say, believe and do with our desired outcomes.

God desires the very best for us, but as long as we stay trapped by our self-imposed limitations, we cannot open up to the miracles that are waiting in the limitless vastness that is God’s universe.

Me Plus God Equals Solution

We are the co-conspirator of our deepest dreams: you + God = solution.

If we desire a positive outcome, we must expect a positive outcome by believing the answers to our prayers are already here.

Spiritual truth tells us that every solution we seek is already completely resolved; the only barrier that exists is us.

Feel Your Way To Your Dreams

To get where we want to go, we must focus on how we want to FEEL.

We may not even know what we want exactly or where that direction takes us, but we do know how we want to feel, and that is something we can be certain of. It’s almost always the opposite of how we may be feeling now: unfulfilled, stuck, anxious, worried or fearful.

When we focus on how badly we are feeling or what we lack, we will ultimately attract more reasons to feel this way. The flip side of focus is fear, meaning we focus on something because we fear we don’t have it in our lives.

Self Worth is An Inside Job

When our self worth is staggeringly lower than it should be, we will go out of our way to prove our worthiness by trying to please others, help them, care for them or worse yet, try to fix their problems. Anything to get validation will suffice. But our true worth will never be filled up in soul satisfying ways until we begin to glean our validation from within.

The only validation we will ever truly succeed in garnering is our own. And we will not feel worthy of any such validation until we turn to the true source, God.

Give Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness

Never underestimate the power of forgiveness to transform your life. In fact, it's one of the things that most often keeps us from moving forward in life and creating harmony in our bodies and minds.

Somehow it seems difficult for me to ascertain how much I need to forgive myself until an emotion within my body unfurls itself from my insides and releases itself in the form of a tear.

Following a Ridiculous Path of Faith

I stumbled upon a woman of sincere faith in the elevator of a nursing home this week; it wasn't so much a stumble as it was a nudge. The elevator was going up; I was going down. I got on without the slightest clue that I was riding in the wrong direction. But God was only nudging me in the right direction.

GeorgeAnn had a red rose pin on her lapel; I knew she was someone I needed to meet. Along with pointing me toward a monastery in Littleton, CO and sharing endless facts about certain saints and sisters, she laid a wisdom nugget on me which I'm sharing with you.

Questions Lead to Transformation

Transformation invariably begins when we start to ask questions. These are the questions posed not by our Ego but our soul. I like to think of these questions as "whispers of the soul." While they start out as faint whispers, if left unanswered can build up in intensity like a snowball rolling down a hill. There's no stopping our soul from beckoning; we might as well turn toward it and listen.

The questions our soul poses aren't your typical questions; they likely shake up the life we have grown accustomed to, whether it serves our soul or not. But I have a question for us all: if our soul is beckoning—and its purpose is to evolve and transform into the fullest expression of itself—then why do we ignore its call?