a solution already exists

There is a solution to every problem. In fact, it already exists. The sooner you acknowledge this and see the so-called "problem" as an adventure to "reveal" a creative solution, the quicker you reach your desired destination.

As a creative consultant, I walk you through the creative process to uncover the solution to your pressing problems. Whether it is determining your next career move, decoding the block in your system (in life or business) or deciding how to approach a complicated business dilemma, you'll be equipped with the needed answers.

I combine my gifts of intuition and spiritual insight with my skills as a creative strategist and problem-solver. 

You are the architect of your own life. Oftentimes, you need an ally to bridge the gap between being stuck and overwhelmed and finding your desired solution.

Together we will utilize spirituality and creative strategy to brainstorm the solution that already exists (but has yet to be revealed). You already have the answers inside of you. It's time to bring them to life.


Consulting sessions are $125/hour. If finances are a hindrance for you, please inquire with me about a sliding-fee scale.

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