Free Yourself

The way out is within

Spirituality is the journey within to the true nature of your eternal being: Love. It is an undoing of the chains of suffering and ego persona that prohibit deep contentment, fulfillment and joy.

This return to love is an inside job - lasting fulfillment, joy and happiness can only be found within. You must be your own source of fulfillment by connecting with your true nature.

Do you seek guidance for your spiritual transformation? As someone who has traveled this path from fear to love and understands the ins and outs of what it takes to liberate yourself from the sources of suffering, I offer deep listening, intuitive insight and a loving presence that will elevate your personal transformation and connect you with your Highest Self.

Awaken the spirit deep within where your inner truth, wisdom and essence lie waiting to be seen, felt and expressed. We will cultivate a spiritual awareness that allows you to navigate life with greater ease, grace and faith. From here, tools will be developed to calm fears and anxieties and embrace the present moment. Over time, you will take back your right to "living in the light" and experience more love, joy, inner peace and fulfillment.

what i help you with:

  • Learn to trust in your unique journey
  • Find grace in daily life
  • Surrender to the spiritual solution for every situation
  • Cultivate a deep sense of self love through God's infinite love
  • Restore your sense of worthiness
  • Relieve yourself from anxiety and depression
  • Reconnect to your essence of love through God's truth
  • Develop a personal relationship with God
  • Learn to discern God's loving guidance
  • Find a sustainable source of fulfillment
  • Deepen your personal relationships through greater intimacy and authenticity
  • Lean on your intuitive guidance to direct your decisions
  • Remove the chains of the past
  • Lessen the burden that stress creates
  • Release worry and doubt from your mind
  • Develop mindfulness skills to face life's ups and downs 
  • Determine when to surrender and when to act
  • Utilize your Higher Self's power to influence your circumstances 
  • Address feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, insecurity, depression and anxiety
  • Learn how to manage difficult situations


Spiritual advising sessions are $80/hour. If finances are a hindrance for you, please inquire with me about a sliding-fee scale.

The quest for God... begins with attuning yourself to the search for Love. For it is Love that gave birth to you. It is Love that sustains you and it is Love that will consume you.
— Sri GuruDev Isa Mafu